Leandro Erlich

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 30 March, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 30 March, 2008, 12:00am


Piece of art: 'That's tough. I cannot even tell you which is my favourite piece of art within my own production. It's like asking me to count the stars in the sky.'

Films: 'I like [filmmaker] David Lynch. I like American and European movies and films by Wong Kar-wai. I like movies that make you think, that are made with care and with the intention of making art.'

On your iPod: 'My iPod is in a mess. It goes from Lou Reed to Sonic Youth ... I like tango music. I am very eclectic in my taste in music.'

Reading: 'I go from fiction to non-fiction and right now I'm in a non-fiction mood. I like to think about subjects that are part of our daily lives, like technology and the way our world is changing.'

Sources of inspiration: 'My father was a source of inspiration because he was a hard worker. And, in a romantic way, John Lennon is also a source of inspiration. I like people who stand up for their beliefs.'

Getaway: Patagonia, Argentina. 'Because of its beautiful nature - it is a magical place.'

Impression of Hong Kong: 'It is incredibly energetic. You have the impression of all this new architecture, [then] I went through Hong Kong Park and I wanted to go to the 'jungle' on top of it. There is something combining the two kinds of jungles, the city jungle and the natural one.'

Food: an Argentine barbecue.

Something you are never without: 'Unfortunately, myself.'

Two things to take to a desert island: 'That's perfect: my wife and daughter.'