Laser Photon

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 06 April, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 06 April, 2008, 12:00am

If the thought of having to carry your own camping equipment puts you off enjoying the great outdoors, the ultra-light Laser Photon tent is the ideal solution. Weighing in at 740 grams and created by expedition and adventure-equipment specialist Terra Nova, the Laser Photon is the world's lightest tent, according to the company.

Originally designed for mountain marathons and adventure racing, in which every gram counts, the two-skin tent is popular with mainstream campers looking to reduce carrying weight.

But as any seasoned camper will tell you, a tent must also perform well by a host of other criteria, including size, waterproofing and set-up. The Laser Photon scores highly on all these points. It sports an ergonomic single hoop-shape transverse porch design: basically an elongated tunnel shape with a wider and higher bulge in the middle, providing enough headroom to allow you to sit upright inside. The two-skin design includes an inner tent and outer protective shell, which also provides a 'porch' in which to store equipment. The tent pitches flysheet first, meaning it is quick and easy to erect. The accessories are super-light, including 11 titanium pegs (weighing 1 gram each), an 8.55mm feather-light alloy pole and two guy lines. The tent packs away into a surprisingly small 12cm by 46cm stuff sack.

Although touted as a two-person tent, the interior is compact, so make sure you're sharing with a good friend. Internal dimensions are 220cm (length) by 93cm (width) by 95cm (height). Entry and exit is from the middle of the tent.

The Laser Photon is not intended for long camping trips or extreme weather and terrain conditions but it is perfect for a few nights out under the stars.

It is available in green and costs GBP300 (HK$4,600). Recommended accessories include a repair kit (GBP15) and tent cleaner (GBP6). For details, visit The company ships to Hong Kong.