Knitting artist rips our fashion preconceptions to shreds

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 09 April, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 09 April, 2008, 12:00am

Every day we read fashion magazines and then throw them away, but 32-year-old conceptual artist Movana Chen has come up with a novel way to recycle the paper and make us think about our consumption at the same time.

Her exhibition, which starts on Friday, uses fashion magazines put through the shredder to create knitted clothing. Her first dress used 60 magazine pages and led to her current 'two-way communication' exhibition and book. Another installation, the body container (left), took her three months to knit using 3kg of shredded magazines in different languages.

Chen said her knitted sculptures 'create an alternative way of reading and exploring art as a dialogue between languages and the viewers. It is also a new way to appreciate different cultures'. The exhibition looks at the relationship between clothing and media and how 'it's like a dialogue. How the magazines show the clothes that the readers then buy in a consumer society'. So Chen thought she would take the fashion magazines and transform them into clothes.

Chen will hold a workshop on April 19, when visitors will be welcome to knit from shredded magazines - using normal knitting needles.

The exhibition runs until April 27 at the Palace cafe shop, IFC Mall. Call 2167 7321 for information.