Couple 'strong' after sad loss

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 12 April, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 12 April, 2008, 12:00am

Actor Dicky Cheung Wai-kin has revealed that his girlfriend Jess Zhang Qian had a miscarriage, but he said they're staying strong, and added, 'Life must go on.'

Cheung (left) confirmed the news this week to Cable TV entertainment news programme host Janice Chan Pui-yee that his and Zhang's unborn child was lost during the Lunar New Year, but he declined to give further details.

'She is fine now. Her body is still recovering from the loss and she is in good condition right now,' the actor said. 'The saddest time has passed.'

Mainland actress Zhang is resting in Beijing and will return to work in about two months.

Cheung, 43, the star of TVB's Journey to the West, has been dating Zhang, 34, for more than eight years. News broke last summer that Zhang was pregnant, and she promptly withdrew from her role in a mainland television series.

Cheung said the tragic experience made him realise how strong women can be and that he'd found three very brave women in his life: Zhang, his mother and Zhang's mother. 'Especially Jess, she acted very bravely throughout the whole thing.'

Cheung and Zhang are both Catholics and say their strong faith held them together and helped them through the difficult time.

'Our religion has taught us that things can turn out differently from what we have expected. There are plenty of things that may not turn out the way we wanted, so we pray and we support each other. With the help of God, we got back on track very quickly,' Cheung said.

Despite the loss of his unborn child, Cheung insisted he is still looking forward to having a family and has moved on; he's already back on set filming.

'Nothing will change because of this; life must go on. There are projects and missions I want to complete and I will continue doing what I do. As for me, I will treat people around me better, I will love them more.'