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PUBLISHED : Sunday, 13 April, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 13 April, 2008, 12:00am

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Name Ran Petursdottir

Age 17 City Hafnarfjorour

Star sign Sagittarius

I'm a pretty outgoing and open-minded person. I like having fun and enjoying life, but I also love challenges and I always want to get good results.

I'm really considerate but I can also get annoyed easily.

Hafnarfjorour is beautiful and peaceful, even though it's quite a big town for Iceland. It has 26,000 residents and is 15 minutes away from our capital Reykjavik.

As the name suggests, Iceland is a rather cold country.

In the winter, it snows and the temperature drops to -15 degrees Celsius with added wind chill making it even colder. and it really is colder than that because it is always windy. In the summer, the temperature reaches 20-25 degrees and it's sunny.

My major subjects in school are social science and history. I also study Icelandic, English, Danish, Spanish, mathematics and natural sciences. I usually spend around one hour a day on my homework.

My first language is Icelandic, and I also speak English, Danish and a little Spanish.

I want to become a historian when I grow up. I hope to spend as much time as I can at university because I really enjoy studying.

A lot of my free time is spent hanging out with my friends. We often meet in coffeehouses or at someone's home, or go for a drive. There is a dance held at school every month which is a lot of fun. At the weekend, we always meet up.

In Iceland we eat a lot of chicken, which is one of my favourite foods. We also eat a lot of fish, and potatoes are eaten with almost every meal.

I never cook because I don't really know how to - but I'd like to learn. I have to do some housework, but there's no strict rule as to who does what. We all just try to clean up after ourselves and then we all take time and clean the house together.

In Iceland, most teenagers buy their own clothes. Many, like me, don't get pocket money, but work to earn. I use my wages to buy my clothes and pay for my social life.

I don't really know what the most important festival in Iceland is. But the most fun and important one for me is the cultural day on the third Saturday of August.

People in Reykjavik and neighbouring areas go downtown to watch a fireworks display, musical performances, art shows and other cultural events.

One of the most important things about Iceland is the beautiful environment.

I like travelling around Iceland with my family. During the holidays, we often go to visit my grandmother who lives in a town six hours away from us.

We also go to Denmark for holidays because my mother and brother live there. I've also been to Sweden and Germany.

This is my first time in Hong Kong - I'm here as part of the AFS Intercultural Exchanges programme and I'm now living in Tin Shui Wai.