Everex Cloudbook

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 13 April, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 13 April, 2008, 12:00am

Everex is the latest company to enter the low-cost, sub-notebook sector with its new CloudBook. Like the pioneering EeePC from Asus, the CloudBook offers ultra-portability with a seven-inch colour TFT display and a low price tag.

Like the EeePC, the CloudBook maintains its low price by abandoning the standard Microsoft operating system in favour of an open-source version - in this case the gOS Rocket operating system - which is optimised for Google applications such as YouTube.

Also in common with the EeePC is the CloudBook's host of pre-installed applications which allow you to complete most tasks. These include Firefox for browsing, Gmail, Skype, Wikipedia, GIMP for working with photos, Blogger, YouTube, Xing Movie Player, RythemBox, Facebook and OpenOffice.

The CloudBook will be powered by a VIA C7 ULV processor running at 1.2GHz, 512MB of RAM, built-in wired and wireless internet access, two USB ports, a 4-in-1 card reader, an integrated Webcam and DVI-out slot to connect the unit to other media systems.

One area where the CloudBook stands out against its competitor is storage memory. While the EeePC's storage is up to 8GB, the CloudBook packs a 30GB hard disk drive, so you won't have to keep cleaning out your memory to make room for new data.

At HK$3,980, the Everex Cloudbook certainly offers an attractive option for its class of sub-notebooks. Also, look out for versions of the CloudBook and EeePC with 8.9-inch screens later this year.

Pros: ultra-portable, 30GB hard disk, built-in wireless, integrated Webcam, pre-installed applications

Cons: software support and expansion will be limited due to linux OS