PUBLISHED : Friday, 18 April, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 18 April, 2008, 12:00am

Keep your distance from mobile phones

Nowadays, many teenagers in Hong Kong carry a mobile phone. The handsets make life very convenient for people who are busy with their work or studies.

However, mobile phones can cause trouble. Teenagers who spend most of their time chatting with their friends can have poor academic results. And the relationship with their parents could also suffer.

Besides, research shows that the radiation given out by mobile phones could affect our health.

Although mobile phones are useful, we should use them correctly.

Lam Hiu-sze, Tsuen Wan Public Ho Chuen Yiu Memorial College

Family harmony

Many parents punish their children, but rarely praise them.

In a harmonious family, the parents commend their children and even give them small presents. This can strengthen the relationship between the two parties.

In contrast, children will be angry with parents who always scold them.

So parents should be more kind to their children who will in turn show that they care about their family.

Rainy Tang, Shun Lee Catholic Secondary School

Aim for all-round development

Everyone has their favourite activities like reading, playing sports or sleeping.

I prefer activities which help broaden my horizons. In order to achieve my goal, I have decided to read more books.

Secondary students in Hong Kong seldom have opportunities to read books other than textbooks.

However, it is necessary for us to acquire more all-round knowledge instead of burying ourselves in our studies. I also surf the internet to find out what's happening around the world and know more about different cultures.

In addition, I enjoy shopping with my parents which provides a good opportunity to talk to them.

The important thing is that we should enjoy what we do and learn from it.

Ricky Chan, Yuen Long Lutheran Secondary School

Children deserve more freedom

I am writing in response to the letter 'Prove you deserve freedom' (Young Post, April 1).

I completely agree with Hui Man-ying's views.

Over-protective parents are certainly the cause of children being too dependent nowadays. To help children become more independent, parents have to give them more freedom and guide them instead of making all the decisions.

It is a good idea for parents to let go of their children and allow them to face adversity by themselves.

Before giving more freedom to their children, parents should educate the youngsters about responsibility and problem-solving skills.

By teaching children to be responsible from a young age, parents can help them develop into confident and independent people.

Tiffany Cheng, Hang Seng School of Commerce

Time to put aside past bitterness

Many people believe that forgiving someone who has offended them is probably the hardest thing to do.

People find it especially difficult not to feel any resentment against those who have hurt their feelings.

Sometimes there are arguments between friends and they may scold each other using bad words.

They usually regret their behaviour and want to mend the relationship after they calm down.

However, most of the time, no one is willing to take that first step and say 'sorry'.

Hence, friendships may be destroyed forever.

Is it really difficult to forgive others? I don't think so. If I really want to maintain a friendship, I don't mind letting bygones be bygones.

Forgiveness is a kind of medicine that helps to heal the wounds of the soul. Then we'll no longer have enemies.

We won't lose anything if we say 'sorry' first. It's a pity that our stubborn refusal to let go of the past can ruin many relationships.

Cici Wong, Methodist College

Artists suffer from illegal downloads

Illegal downloading from the internet has become a serious problem in Hong Kong.

Many people download songs or movies using free software, such as Bit Torrent.

This is not only an infringement of intellectual property rights, but has led to a sharp drop in the sales of film DVDs and CDs.

Moreover, such illegal acts could hinder people's creativity.

Although the software that enables illegal downloading is still legal, this is no excuse to have a 'free lunch' at the expense of artists.

We should respect intellectual property rights if we want to maintain our creativity.

Michael Ying, The Chinese Foundation Secondary School

Learn to control your emotions

More people suffer from emotional problems because they lead busier lives than before.

Once we are unhappy, our families will be very worried. This shows that our emotions can affect others. When we are angry, we may hurt others physically or use offensive language. Recently a man killed his girlfriend because she wanted to leave him.

There are many ways to control our emotions. We can take a deep breath or leave the place quickly if we feel that the situation could get out of hand.

Or we can have a cup of water or wash our face.

We should learn to control ourselves. It will make our lives much easier.

Wong In-chun