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PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 22 April, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 22 April, 2008, 12:00am

From the South China Morning Post this week in: 1951

Washington, April 20

General MacArthur told Congress that the hopes and aspirations of the human race were centred in the Congress. 'You cannot appease Communism in Asia without simultaneously undermining our effort to halt it in Europe. The US cannot divide her effort in her struggle to check Communism.'

Prolonged applause greeted General MacArthur when he said: 'I have strongly recommended that as a matter of military urgency under no circumstances must Formosa fall under Communist control.'

The general was defending his Asian policy following his removal from his Far Eastern Commands. A day later, the Pentagon defended President Truman's removal of General MacArthur. The decision was taken 'upon the unanimous recommendation of the President's principal civilian and military advisers, including the Joint Chiefs of Staff'. This was the military's reply to General MacArthur's statement that his proposals for conducting the war in the Far East had been supported by practically every military leader, 'including our Joint Chiefs of Staff'.

The President said General MacArthur was removed because he was unable to support wholeheartedly the policies laid down by the United Nations and United States for conducting the Korean war. He said the policies advocated by General MacArthur carried a grave risk of World War III.

Hongkong, April 20

More than 1,000 prisoners broke out of the cells in Kukong (Shuikwan) before day-break on April 8 and about 15 escaped, a Chinese Press report said. Some 100 prisoners, who succeeded in breaking through the barrier of wardens surrounding the gaol, were later rounded up and brought back to the prison. They were executed without trial, the report added.

Hongkong, April 23

A combined services parade was held at the Cenotaph, Statue Square, at 9.45am yesterday to commemorate the anniversary of Anzac Day. Lt-Gen Sir E. C. Robert Mansergh laid the first wreath followed by other service chiefs and civilians. The Recessional was then played and the Last Post sounded. After two minutes' silence the 'Reveille' was blown.

Tokyo, April 24

United Nations forces in Western Korea withdrew south of the Hantan River in the face of a Chinese Communist counter-offensive which drove at least two wedges into the Allied lines on their right.

Vanguard forces of an estimated 700,000-man Communist army launched the Spring offensive at dusk yesterday. It hit the UN forces on the western, central and east-central fronts along a 95-mile line.

Allied artillery met the Red attacks with a roaring round-the-clock barrage at the rate of 3,000 shells per hour on some sections. A preliminary Fifth Air Force report said planes had killed or wounded 1,800 Reds.

On the third day of the offensive, the Red armies plunged nearly 10 miles into South Korea in a breakthrough designed to split the 8th army in two and roll up its flanks.

Stratford-on-Avon, April 24

The Soviet Union and all the Eastern European countries were among the 77 nations represented in this Warwickshire town yesterday for the celebration of the 387th anniversary of the birth of Shakespeare. Ambassadors, ministers and diplomats unfurled the flags of their nations in the main thoroughfare of Stratford.

Tokyo, April 26

British Commonwealth troops paraded in Tokyo and Kure yesterday in honour of the 36th anniversary of Anzac Day, know in Britain as Gallipoli Day. While parading Commonwealth troops marched other British soldiers were fighting in Korea alongside the Turks, their former enemies of the landing on Gallipoli.