PUBLISHED : Friday, 25 April, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 25 April, 2008, 12:00am

Question 1

Listen to part of this week's edition of Green Light and then answer the questions. This week the contestants are Terry, Maggie, Ron, Jonathan and Libby.

1. What is Green Light?

a) a podcast

b) a TV programme

c) a radio programme

2. What is the aim of the programme?

a) business tycoons demonstrate how to set up a company

b) young businessmen/women try to win money to invest in a new company

c) bankers decide who to lend money to

3. How many young people appear in the programme each week?

a) five

b) 50

c) 10

4. How much will the overall winner win?

a) HK$10,000

b) HK$1,000,000

c) HK$100,000

5. What will he or she do with the money?

a) use it to start up a company

b) put it in the bank

c) invest it

Question 2

Put the name of the contestant in the box that shows their business idea.

Name ___________________________

Name ___________________________

Name ___________________________

Name ___________________________

Name ___________________________

Name ___________________________

Question 3

Write 'true', 'false'or 'not given' next to each statement.

______________ 1. Terry already owns three companies.

______________ 2. Ron's business idea only caters to famous people.

______________ 3. Libby's idea is to improve an object that already exists.

______________ 4. Jonathan hates reading.

______________ 5. Maggie is concerned about people's diets.

______________6. Ron's idea is socially based.

______________7. Terry wants to set up a clothing company.

______________8. Jonathan's idea could only be used in the home.

______________9. Libby's idea involves design.

______________10. Maggie's product would be very expensive.


Question 1: 1. b, 2. b , 3. a, 4. b, 5. a

Question 2: A. Maggie, B. Jonathan, C. Libby, D. Ron, F. Terry

Question 3: 1. not given, 2. false, 3. true, 4. false, 5. true, 6. true, 7. true, 8. not given, 9. true, 10. not given