PUBLISHED : Thursday, 08 May, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 08 May, 2008, 12:00am

English is still important

Many students feel that they don't need to speak good English. But I disagree.

English is a useful tool in many situations. Many school textbooks are published in English. If you are not good at English, you won't understand what you're learning. A good command of English is required by many companies if you want a good job. For instance, being a salesman in Causeway Bay requires good English because there are many foreigners there.

Many students grumble that English is too hard. But English can be learned in different ways.

Instead of listening exercises, listen to English songs and watch English language movies, especially older ones where the words are clearer.

To improve your writing, keep a notebook handy to collect new words and phrases you hear or read. This will improve your writing.

I believe English is still important, and I hope other students will take my advice.

Brad Choi Chun-wai, Buddhist Tai Hung College

Convenient with a hint of danger

Most people prefer to use a computer for their work.

However, some people use this convenience to commit crimes. They invade personal privacy, steal passwords and use them to steal money from your bank account.

Therefore we need to know how to protect ourselves.

Firstly, we can use anti-virus software. Secondly, we can add a security lock to deter hackers.

We can make sure that we only trade with reputable shops and ask them to furnish a receipt to confirm the purchase.

Lastly, we should always make sure we log off when we are not using the computer so no one else can use our profile.

Hugo Lai Shing-fung, Hong Kong Tang King Po College

Don't let anger take control of you

Everyone makes mistakes so we should learn to forgive others. If you don't, you'll stay angry for a long time after the incident.

This will not only make the other person unhappy, but you, too, won't have peace of mind.

Just think - if someone adopted the same attitude towards you, I'm sure you wouldn't feel comfortable.

So try to forgive when people make a mistake. It's not worth damaging a friendship - release your anger and be free. Give others - and yourself - a second chance!

Amina Bibi, California School

Here's a roadmap to success

There really are no shortcuts to success, but here are some ways which may help you to achieve your goals.

Persistence is vital. The road won't be smooth but you should face the problems and never give up. For instance, the inventor, Thomas Alva Edison, tried to invent a light bulb but failed thousands times.

Despite the failures, he persisted and bettered the design. At last, he succeeded and became one of the greatest inventors.

Seize opportunities. By making use of whatever chances luck sends your way you will achieve your work in half the time. People always hesitate when they see an opportunity. They worry about everything and lose the chance to succeed.

Manage your time. A successful person fully utilises his time and finishes work efficiently. Unsuccessful people fritter their time away on meaningless things, like daydreaming or computer games.

Remain humble. Being humble once you succeed is difficult, but you should discipline yourself to learn

from others, and examine your own faults. If you follow this advice you are sure to go far in life.

Rachel Siu Wai-shan, SKH Lam Kau Mow Secondary School

Books are just not enough

To really learn something you need to experience it, not just read about it.

Students like reciting texts instead of thoroughly understanding them. They will never use the information in their daily lives, they just learn to recite it for tests.

But the things we learn in that way fade from our memories. If we have thoroughly understood and experienced the text, we will never forget it.

So be brave and make sure you understand things you learn.

Jasmine Leung, Shun Lee Catholic Secondary School

Just give new things a try

'It looks too difficult, so I give up,' a friend said to me. She wanted to do something, but couldn't pluck up the courage.

When you are going to try something new, do you back out if you think you will fail?

When I think I won't succeed I try anyway because I always learn valuable lessons on the way.

If you don't try out new things, you miss out on so much.

Yip Tung-yu, Christian Alliance S.C. Chan Memorial College

Be a good sport and exercise

Exercise brings physical and psychological benefits.

Physically, playing sports helps to strengthen muscles and cardio-vascular fitness, boost the immune system and the respiratory system. Also, this is the best way to lower high blood pressure and high blood glucose levels.

Psychologically, exercising can improve mood, reduce the chance of depression and help relieve stress. Through sport we learn to handle adversity, co-operate with others and to endure. It reinforces values, such as sportsmanship and fairness, which are essential in young people.

Last but not least, playing sports can enhance the self-esteem and self-confidence and prepare them for life.

Cheung Tsz-shan,

Methodist College