Amatsuki (Anime)

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 11 May, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 11 May, 2008, 12:00am

Monsters and things that go bump in the night plague a world that may or may not be real in new supernatural anime Amatsuki.

The original manga by Takayama Shinobu is still currently serialised in anthology magazine Monthly Comic Zero Sum.

The 13-episode anime is being produced by Studio Deen, who brought Aishiteruze Baby, Code-E, Fate/Stay Night and the two Hell Girl series to the small screen.

Rikugou Tokidoki is a carefree high school student who easily adapts to new surroundings. When he fails his history class, he has to take extra classes.

One of these is a trip to a hi-tech museum that's exhibiting The Last Days of the Tokugawa Shogunate, a virtual reality display where visitors wear special goggles to view the ancient world.

While walking around the old streets of Edo, Tokidoki is attacked by a Nue (a Japanese chimera) and a Yakou (a leprechaun-sized humanoid demon). A girl called Kuchiha saves him, but not before he's blinded in his left eye.

It is then that he realises that he is no longer wearing the goggles - but he still seems to be in Edo.

Is he still in the virtual reality world, or has he been transported back in time?

Tokidoki isn't the only one trapped here. His classmate Shinonome Kon has been stranded in Edo for two years. He was also attacked by the monsters, and lost sensation in his right arm.

Stranded in this world, the two boys get help from a local priest and Kuchiha, but no one can work out how to get them home. Watch out for the DVD and find out what happens to the lost boys.