Playboy Mansion

PUBLISHED : Friday, 16 May, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 16 May, 2008, 12:00am

Visitors will soon get to enjoy the high life at city's premier entertainment destination

Glamorous Playboy bunnies at the gaming tables are just a taste of what guests can expect when Macao Studio City opens in 2010. The Playboy Mansion Macao will be central to the resort's attempt to become the enclave's premier entertainment destination.

Macao Studio City management is confident the Playboy Mansion, with a space of more than 36,000 sqft, will operate in a way similar to the one in Los Angeles which is a magnet for celebrities and red carpet events.

Macao Studio City's co-chairman and co-chief executive David Friedman said guests hoping to emulate the flamboyant lifestyle of Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy Enterprises, would be able to dine, shop, stay in a Hugh Hefner villa and take a dip in the Playboy pool.

'Anybody can throw a party,' Mr Friedman said. 'But when Playboy throws a party, it is a party that everyone - stars and celebrities included - wants to go to.'

Playboy is no stranger to Chinese customers. The brand was first marketed in Asia more than 20 years ago, and there are Playboy concept stores in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo. In 2004, Playboy failed in an attempt to open an exclusive club in Shanghai. Authorities turned down the application because it did not comply with Chinese law.

The brand's entry to Macau is considered a major coup, and Mr Friedman said it would help establish Macau as the leading entertainment destination in Asia. 'Our partnership with Playboy Enterprises is a re-affirmation of our commitment to bringing to Macau the very best in entertainment and retail,' he said. 'We aim to make Macau the entertainment hub of Asia, and Macao Studio City the entertainment centre of Macau. Playboy is a world-renowned entertainment and lifestyle brand and the Playboy Mansion Macao is where the stars will be. Visitors to Macao Studio City will be able to play and stay like a star.'

According to Christie Hefner, chairman and chief executive of Playboy Enterprises, the company will conduct a search for Playboy bunnies for the mansion before it opens to recruit glamorous Asian faces from the Asia-Pacific region. The company is also developing a community programme to boost and foster Macau's performance talent. Last year, the company sponsored the Quest for Talent competition, aimed at promoting and developing local performing artists.

Macao Studio City's co-chief executive Ambrose Cheung said the winners had been signed to long-term contracts and would be provided with dance coaching and voice training to become a professional act. 'The aim is to train them up so they can represent Macau,' he said.

'It was a singing competition designed to find local talent and invest in their future. The response was very encouraging and there is a lot of great talent out there.'

Mr Cheung said the Quest for Talent programme was the first step in a much larger vision. 'This type of thing will be very important and we will groom these beautiful young women and men to be Macau celebrities,' he said. 'They too will add to the entertainment experience.'