Take Two

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 24 May, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 24 May, 2008, 12:00am

How to be an Even Better Manager: A Complete A-Z of Proven Techniques & Essential Skills

by Michael Armstrong

This sixth edition of a book by human resources expert Michael Armstrong covers basic skills for new managers, or those looking to brush up their skills. The latest edition includes three new chapters on how to learn, continually improve, get engagement, make a business case and prepare a business plan. Other chapters range from how to delegate, coach and develop your emotional intelligence to the basics of networking. It helps readers develop a broad base of managerial skills and knowledge and build on existing skills.

Flip: How to Succeed by Turning Everything You Know on Its Head

by Peter Sheahan

Emphasising a flexible and counter-intuitive decision-making style, twentysomething Australian author Peter Sheahan showcases how many 'flipstars', such as Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, are able to 'flip'. He defines this as the ability to think counter-intuitively and then boldly, with no regard for business-as-usual conventions. Mr Sheahan also presents some well-known business truisms in a new light, such as: Price is about customer value; great ideas come from the fringe and not the middle; and once expectations are met, the bar is raised.