Consultant with an eye for detail wanted

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 31 May, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 31 May, 2008, 12:00am

Excellent advancement opportunities are being offered to a highly talented and motivated individual who can fill the role of consultant at a rapidly growing organisation.

Enright, Scott & Associates (ESA), a strategy and consulting firm that advises governments and corporate leaders throughout the region on a range of economic, competitiveness, regional clustering and investment issues, is seeking a senior consultant.

The successful candidate will be responsible for managing the firm's research team, gathering their own research material, conducting analysis and writing reports on business, economic development, urban planning and government policy relating primarily to the mainland, Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific region.

Dave Sanderson, a project manager at ESA, said the position came with a certain level of responsibility. 'As well as providing input for our written content, the new recruit will be required to manage and provide guidance to our team of four researchers,' he said. 'From time to time, attendance at client meetings will be required - as well as the occasional business trip.'

Highlights of the role include the ongoing range of different and interesting projects it covers.

'Exposure to high-level projects is one of the main advantages here, as it boosts your learning potential,' Mr Sanderson said.

As the company works at the top end of strategic consulting, it requires highly capable staff. 'Ideally, you should have qualifications from an internationally recognised top university, preferably in economics or with an MBA,' he said.

However, ESA is keen to find a candidate who enjoys working on many different types of projects and can adapt fast. Candidates should also be comfortable working and thinking independently as well as collaborating in teams. Most importantly, they should have the patience and attention to detail that is needed to collect, collate and analyse complex data.

Since the firm carries out projects all over mainland China, travel outside of Hong Kong is required every one or two months.

'It is one thing to study a problem remotely, but being on the ground and seeing and talking with those involved is one of the most revealing parts of what we do,' Mr Sanderson said.

As far as in-house training is concerned, he said the firm did not run such programmes as every project it dealt with was different. Instead, the company focused on on-the-job learning.

'The training is the job itself ... you learn to adapt and think critically,' Mr Sanderson said.

'Professor Michael Enright, our founder, is a well-known strategic expert in the Pacific region, so working with him is itself an excellent opportunity to learn first hand.'