PUBLISHED : Sunday, 01 June, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 01 June, 2008, 12:00am

Canada (10th edition)

(Lonely Planet, US$26.99/HK$210)

Canada is a favourite among travellers of all ages and wallet-sizes. Cosmopolitan cities, ancient glaciers, winding mountain train journeys, snow-encrusted peaks and wide-open prairies all add to

its allure.

Lonely Planet's Canada continues to be the travelling world's most comprehensive guide to this superb country. It's no easy task to cover such a massive and varied land but Lonely Planet's decades of experience, paired with its well-travelled authors, make for concise, reliable reading, catering to the budget of the mid-range traveller and, in some cases, beyond.

A bonus with this guide is that Alaska is included, which means a fair-sized chunk of stunning scenery and some amazing travel experiences are investigated.

The edition includes a new chapter on the outdoors, a small but important section that covers snowboarding and cross-country skiing. Other introductory sections examine culture, the environment and food and drink, a category often overlooked in other guides, which emphasise the country's natural attractions. Another new section looks at Canada's national parks, highlighting a few lesser-known spots, such as Quttinirpaaq and Fundy.

A selection of brightly coloured images at the beginning of the guide ensures that if you haven't bought the book in preparation for a trip, you will soon be seduced into planning one.

Combine this with a series of interviews with locals from every corner of the country and you have a comprehensive, insightful and ultimately indispensable guide to one of the world's favourite travel destinations.