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PUBLISHED : Monday, 02 June, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 02 June, 2008, 12:00am

Clearwater Bay School

Since the Book Week at the end of February, the students at Clearwater Bay School have been raising money for the 'Read to Feed' project organised by Heifer International.

An important part of Heifer's mission is to help people understand the root cause of world hunger. Each student has seen a video showing the plight of poor children around the world and how a 'gift' of livestock can make a difference.

They learned how donations could help lift the poor out of poverty. The students have been collecting donations to help purchase pigs and provide water cisterns to the people in Yuexi, Anhui province .

The main activity was reading books, but students also had other great ideas to collect money. They raised more than HK$85,000 for the project.

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Leung Shek Chee College

Students of Leung Shek Chee College sat for the prestigious London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) examinations.

Ten students have been awarded the LCCI International Qualifications Medallion Prizes in recognition of their excellent results obtained in the Series 4, 2007 Examinations.

The students who made their college proud are:

Accounting Third Level Gold Medallion (First in World and First in Hong Kong)

Janice Chan Kit-ying

(Form Seven)

Book-keeping First Level Gold Medallion (First in World and First in Hong Kong)

1. Victoria Chan Mei-yan

(Form Five)

2. Sylvia Cheung Sui-wa

(Form Five)

3. Ellie Leung Chui-shan

(Form Five)

4. Cindy Lo Cho-ki

(Form Five)

5. Perry Tse Chun-yip

(Form Five)

6. Gloria Tsui Ka-man

(Form Five)

7. Tiffany Ye Bifen (Form Five)

Book-keeping First Level Silver Medallion (Second in World and Second in Hong Kong)

1. Connie Chan Cheuk-ling (Form Five)

2. Lily Chiu Ka-yan (Form Five)

True Light Middle School of Hong Kong

The school's Form One girls embarked on a Liberal Studies field trip on April 24.

Three different routes were offered - Ping Shan Heritage Trail, Colonial Past in Central and Redevelopment in Wan Chai. Our group chose the Wan Chai route because we wanted to know more about the community we live in. It is an old district with precious heritage sites, such as the 'Blue House', Wan Chai Market and the Huo Cheung Mortgage Store. A redevelopment programme is being carried out in Wan Chai.

The mortgage stores in the past usually had two doors. When customers came to pawn items, they came through the side door because they felt ashamed to give up their personal belongings. There was also a plank in front of the counter to cover the client's face. But, when people came to redeem their goods, they felt proud and walked through the front door.

I interviewed a vegetable-store owner. He felt upset about the demolition of the old Wan Chai Market. He might lose his job when the market was rebuilt. I felt really sorry for him. I hope our government does more to preserve our heritage. The trip was fruitful as we learned more about the things happening around us.

Helen Yu, F.1