Bottles and boxes

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 05 June, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 05 June, 2008, 12:00am

'Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get' Forrest Gump

What are these boxes?

1 a cool box

a. a box for presenting a gift

b. an insulated box used for keeping food and drinks cold

2 a press box

a. a wooden box where fruit is kept

b. a room at sporting events from where TV and newspaper reporters do their commentary

3 a nesting box

a. a wooden box made for birds to build a nest in

b. a cardboard box used for keeping bills and other documents

4 a jack-in-the-box

a. a large box where toys are stored

b. a children's toy consisting of a box with a figure inside that jumps out when the lid is lifted

5 a witness box

a. the place in a law court where the judge sits

b. the place in a law court where a person stands when they are being questioned

6 a musical box

a. a box with a device inside that plays a tune when the lid is opened

b. a private room in a theatre where a small group of people can watch a show

7 a black box

a. an expensive box of chocolates

b. a small machine that records information about an aircraft during its flight

8 a box office

a. a small filing cabinet

b. the place in a theatre, cinema or concert hall where tickets are sold

Do you know these bottles?

9 a bottle bank

a. a large collection of bottles of expensive wine

b. a big metal container into which people put empty glass containers to be recycled

10 a hot water bottle

a. a rubber bag filled with very hot water used to warm a bed

b. a special bottle in which hot tea is kept

11 a bottle top

a. a shelf for storing bottles

b. a round piece of metal or plastic used to seal a bottle of drink

12 a bottleneck

a. a very narrow bottle made especially for wine

b. a narrow area of road where traffic often gets jammed

13 a bottle opener

a. a gadget for removing the metal cap from a bottle

b. the first bottle of wine opened at a dinner party

14 a squeezy bottle

a. a small bottle that fits into a narrow space, like a pocket

b. a soft plastic container out of which liquid is forced through a narrow hole at the top by squeezing the sides

Box and bottle verbal phrases

15 to hit the bottle

16 to box someone/ something in

17 to box someone's ears

18 to lose your bottle

19 to box clever

20 to bottle out

21 to let the genie out of the bottle

22 to bottle something up

a. to suddenly decide not to do something because you have lost your confidence

b. to hit someone on the side of the head as a punishment

c. to move so close to someone/something that they cannot move away

d. to open an expensive bottle of wine

e. to begin drinking a lot of alcohol

f. to keep things that are worrying you to yourself and not talk to anyone about them

g. to allow something bad to happen which cannot then be stopped

h. to lose your confidence

i. to fill a bottle with mineral water

j. to act in a very clever way Match these verbal phrases with their definitions. There are more definitions than you need.

Bottle or box?

23 Let's put the sandwiches in a cool (bottle/box) so they'll be fresh for the picnic.

24 You said you'd come with me to tell the police what happened. Why have you (bottled/boxed) out?

25 I need more space! I can't move! Don't (bottle/box) me in like that!

26 I'll meet you at the (bottle/box) office at seven. We have to collect the tickets before the concert starts.

27 They've found the black (bottle/box) so they should find out why the plane crashed.

28 We always get held up when we come out of the tunnel. It's a (box/bottle)neck there and they should widen the road.


1. b; 2. b; 3. a; 4. b; 5. b; 6. a; 7. b; 8. b; 9. b; 10. a; 11. b; 12. b; 13. a; 14. b; 15. e; 16. c; 17. b; 18. h; 19. j; 20. a; 21. g; 22. f; 23. box; 24. bottled; 25. box; 26. box; 27. box; 28. bottle