Vox Pop

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 07 June, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 07 June, 2008, 12:00am

Massive fund-raising campaigns have seen Hongkongers donate more than HK$1 billion to the Sichuan earthquake victims. Many companies are using different ways to boost donations and have called on staff members to help victims. Classified Post asks Hongkongers what their companies have done in the wake of this disaster, and whether they have also contributed.

'I have donated HK$1,000 to the Red Cross since the disaster. I also make regular donations to the Community Chest, which should go towards helping the victims as well. I hope all of this can help the victims. My company doesn't have any particular events for fund-raising. Maybe they should organise some sort of event to raise donations.'

Albert Hui, medical

'I have donated a few hundred dollars to Oxfam personally. But I haven't seen my company responding to fund-raising calls so far. I think the company should have done so because it is a big firm, which has more than 100 offices in the city. I think the company can put the fund-raising boxes in the offices at least.'

Jenny Wong, insurance agent

'I have donated a few hundred dollars to the Red Cross through my company. My boss sent us an e-mail to call for donations. My company also put fund-raising boxes in the office and held a charity bazaar to collect donations. To boost the donations further, I think the company can call on family members of staff to donate as well.'

Calvin Sze, environmental consultant

'I have donated HK$100 through the street-side fund-raising booth. My company doesn't have any fund-raising events, but I think money is not what the victims need the most. Things like tents, food and medical equipment would be more useful for them. Sending voluntary medical staff or psychological experts there is essential as well.'

Henry Yeung, software programmer