PUBLISHED : Friday, 13 June, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 13 June, 2008, 12:00am

Vow to keep wedding traditions please

A wedding party is the happiest of all parties. In Chinese weddings there are many rituals which should be followed.

Before the wedding, the bride and groom's family will send 'Double Happiness Cakes' and invitations to relatives and friends to let them know the wedding will take place. Then the bride's family will prepare a dowry and the groom's family will perform the 'setting bridal bed' ritual.

In the wedding night ritual, the bridal room will have a dragon and a phoenix candle to drive away evil spirits. The couple will drink wine with their arms crossed from two cups which are tied with a red string.

The whole wedding ends with a huge banquet, which will include fish, roast suckling pig, pigeon, chicken cooked with red oil, lobster and dessert buns with lotus seeds stuffed inside. All of the guests will leave with full tummies and happiness.

Every nation has its own culture and tradition. Being Chinese, we should learn more about our own culture and tradition.

Nowadays, a great majority of newlyweds choose western wedding parties which are more simple than Chinese.

But some villagers in the New Territories keep up these rituals. I am a village resident and each time there is a wedding the whole village is happy and busy.

Our culture and tradition are our treasures. I hope that we can keep and protect them.

Yvonne Hiew, Methodist College

Mobile phones, the good, bad and ugly

Text messages are very popular these days, specially as more and more people own mobile phones.

Messaging is less disturbing for others than a phone call. While you are sitting in a very quiet place, you can type the message smoothly without any noise. This makes it very convenient.

But there are people who abuse this wonderful form of communication, like sending messages asking for donations for the victims of the Sichuan earthquake.

Of course we all want to help the victims, but these people are just after the money.

All in all, although text messages are a convenient and affordable way to keep in touch, many people abuse them.

If you get one of these false texts, just say 'bye' and delete it.

Ingrid Fu, King Ling College

A tale of two universities

I was privileged to visit two well-established American universities recently and experience life there.

First, I went to Andrews University in Michigan. On the first morning, the teacher showed us a video about nursing which made me realise it isn't an easy job. Then we learned all about speech therapy. These lessons gave me more ideas about career choices.

I like this university, especially its students, because they live up to my idea of what university students should be like.

Next, we flew to California and visited La Sierra University in Los Angeles. I was there for 10 days and took lessons.

Living in a dorm was a good experience since we didn't have a private bathroom, kitchen or telephone. This was something new for us. Thus we learned how to co-operate and communicate more with our roommates.

Wong Wing-yan, Tai Po Sam Yuk Secondary School

How to know if you're a rich man

Recently, I watched a TV programme about Dubai, the richest place in the world. A man of great wealth said something which inspired me: 'Whether you are rich or not depends not on how much you have, but how much you can give.' I totally agree with this maxim.

Many teenagers nowadays spend a lot of money on their personal appearance. They want to show how much they have, and boast of their expensive clothes or bags.

In contrast some people spend their money to help the poor as much as they can, even though they are not really rich. You can measure how rich you are by how much you can give.

Wong Yin-ki, Law Ting Pong Secondary School

Stop schoolyard bullying now

There is a growing trend of student bullying on campus. This is quite a serious problem and we've heard a lot about it from the media.

Joining online organisations can help the victims who need to express their feelings and needs. Being online allows them to be anonymous which is good as most want to protect their identities.

Many victims do not report bullying to anyone. This is sad because they will never be strong and secure as long as they continue to be victims.

I also feel that bystanders who do nothing to stop the bullying are also to blame. Their indifference reduces victims' confidence and enhances the bully's strength.

Furthermore, the victims will contribute to the bullying problem if they keep shying away from reporting the bullies. They need to help themselves.

Amy Lee Pui-yan, SKH Lam Kau Mow Secondary School

Attitude is the most important thing

One of the most important things to worry about in life is attitude. I never used to think of it, but recently I learned a secret from my teacher. As a student, I want only the best academic results.

But if I have a positive attitude towards my work and I am diligent in studying, I will always be proud of my results.

If we had a positive attitude to life we wouldn't have any obstacles at all.

More people would be smiling if they realised their attitude was the most important thing in their lives.

Joyce Lin, Tsuen Wan Public Ho Chuen Yiu Memorial College