PUBLISHED : Friday, 20 June, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 20 June, 2008, 12:00am

Question 1 New Winter Coat

Lily has dragged Leo to the shops to help her choose a new winter coat. Listen to their conversation as Lily makes up her mind which coat to buy.

a) Which four coats does Lily consider? Mark each one with a number (1-4) in the order in which she considers them.

b) Write TRUE or FALSE in the box after each of these statements

1. The short coat with the scarf is cheap _________________

2. Leo likes the colour of the coat with fur cuffs _________________

3. The coat with the hood attached is a long coat ________________

4. Leo thinks the coat with the scarf is best _________________

5. Lily buys the coat with the hood _________________

6. Lily decides to come back to the shop next month ________________

Question 2 The London Congestion Charge

Mr and Mrs Lee have hired a car to travel around the UK. At the moment, they are staying in a hotel just outside London. Mr Lee is wondering whether to drive into central London to do some sight-seeing tomorrow. He is reading a leaflet about the congestion charge. Listen to Mr Lee's conversation with his wife.

a) Which of the following are ways of paying the congestion charge? Tick the boxes.

b) Write TRUE or FALSE in the box after each of these statements

1. The congestion charge for driving into London is supposed to cut down the traffic in the city centre _________________

2. There are many cities in the UK and in Europe that have a congestion charge _________________

3. The London congestion charge costs GBP8 a week _________________

4. The congestion charge is not used at weekends _________________

5. You have to give your car's registration number when you pay the congestion charge _________________

6. Mr and Mrs Lee decide to drive into London and pay the charge _________________


1a: A1 / B2 / D3 / E4

1b: false / false / false / true / false / true

2a: A / B / C / E / F

2b: true / false / false / true / true / false