Fund-raising fashion gala a model success

PUBLISHED : Friday, 25 February, 1994, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 25 February, 1994, 12:00am

TO the Regent Ballroom where the ranks of the Indian Women's Association are present and correct in sari-ed splendour for their gala charity ball.

The ladies' committee had, in fact, achieved something of a coup. For not only had Suneet Varma, one of India's leading fashion designers, flown over to present his latest collection, but two of this town's most delectable ladies - Flora Cheong-Leen and Kamal Sidhu (of STAR TV fame) - had allowed themselves to be talked into being among the catwalk models.

The association's president, Chitra Chellaram, was thrilled at capturing Flora for the occasion, whirling between tables telling everyone that ''Flora flew in from Paris this morning so as not to miss the show''.

Varma's clothes were exotic and innovative, with one particular item - a shining metallic bra - probably requiring a minor feat of engineering to get on and keep in place.

Amid the fun and laughter there was also a serious purpose to the evening. And hard working fund-raising committee chairperson Pamela Kapoor was able to announce that more than $700,000 had been raised for the Children's Thalassaemia Foundation.

Towards the end of an enjoyable evening the Indian Commissioner, Kamlesh Kumar, was escorted on to the stage by a splendidly turbaned guest while the ballroom echoed to the loud strains of Land Of Hope And Glory.