pet's corner

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 01 July, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 01 July, 2008, 12:00am

Snapshots of our special friends

Name of owner: Elaine Yau

Name: Cat B

Age: Eight

Breed: American curl

Favourite food: salmon and fish biscuits

Favourite pastimes: sleeping, swiping mobiles off desks and meowing loudly when people are sleeping

Greetings to Young Post readers: Hello, my owner always praises me for my uncanny ability to use the toilet. Unlike other cats which cover their mess with sand in a box, I answer the call of nature in the toilet. I'm learning how to flush the toilet now.

Owner: Helen

Name: Gizmo

Age: Three

Breed: Mixed Pekinese

Favourite food: chicken meat (dark), chocolate and ice cream

Favourite pastimes: Playing with his plastic siu mai, clowning around with his big brother Tintin, running around like he's chasing a rabbit, playing throw and catch

Greetings to Young Post readers: Hi, my name is Gizmo. My Mum also calls me Gizmo-mo. I know she loves all of us but deep down inside, I know I'm her favourite.

Owner: Helen

Names: Tintin (foreground) and Billy

Ages: Five and 13

Breeds: mixed poodle, mixed Pekinese

Favourite food: Tintin loves everything, especially chocolate and ice cream. Billy's favourite is chicken and rice, and pork.

Favourite pastimes: Tintin likes playing with Gizmo and his toys and kissing Mum. Billy, whose nickname is Baby Doll, only loves to sleep as he is quite old and has many health problems, which is common among old dogs.

Greetings to Young Post readers: All of us are rescues. We were abandoned. Mummy adopted us and gave us a new life. Please think twice before you get a pet and be kind to animals!