On the shelf

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 06 July, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 06 July, 2008, 12:00am

1 Chances are you won't ever have the pleasure of dining at El Bulli in Spain - even if you can afford it (the food isn't that expensive for a Michelin three-star but the journey there's another story), your chances of getting a table are slim. But you can get a little bit of El Bulli in Hong Kong, with the Borges brand of infused olive oils, created by the restaurant's chef, Ferran Adria. The set of 10 flavours includes soy and ginger, four peppers, lemon peel, fried garlic, vanilla, and chilli pepper and cardamom. The set is available for HK$638 from OrganiLink Health Foods, shop B, 45 Lung Kong Road, Kowloon City, tel: 2382 2375.

2 It's not surprising that Marks & Spencer Percy Piglets fruit gums (HK$24) are made in Germany - after all, it was German brand Haribo that brought gummi bears to the world. The piglets are made with fruit juice and concentrate, sugar, gelatine and citric acid; there's nothing weird and unpronounceable in them. However, they should be reserved for an occasional treat rather than as a substitute for fresh fruit. The pack contains two types: pastel pink and soft, and chewier (and better, in our opinion) translucent pink fruit gums.

3 It wasn't until recently that Kettle Chips became widely available in Hong Kong. The thickly sliced crisps sell for about HK$18 at Park'n'Shop, Oliver's and Apita in flavours such as unsalted (what's the point of an unsalted crisp?), sea salt and vinegar (too much vinegar), New York cheddar with herbs (good, but not enough cheese) and our favourite, 'krinkle cut' salt and freshly ground pepper.