Hip hop duo get behind shop counter to promote their new CD

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 08 July, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 08 July, 2008, 12:00am

An unwitting victim of the Edison Chen scandal has been local rap group Fama - Cheng Sze-kwan, aka MC C-Kwan (left in photo) and Luk Wing-kun, aka MC SixWing. Signed to Edison Chen Koon-hei's record label, the group originally planned its debut large concerts for April. Although they denied the cancellation was related to their boss' troubles, the perception stuck.

The biggest storm the duo faced recently was some heavy rain on Sunday as they promoted their new record, Hands Up, by pretending to be clerks at a CD shop in Mong Kok. Despite the downpour, dozens of fans showed up to pick up a copy of the new CD - featuring such unusual guest artists as fortune teller Mak Ling-ling and TV maven Liza Wang Ming-chuen - directly from their hip hop heroes. The two stayed behind the counter for more than half an hour trying their best to serve customers, though they probably ended up hurting, rather than helping, overall sales.

At one point, a customer asked Fama what if he wanted to buy another artist's album? Luk diplomatically replied: 'It still benefits the local recording industry, so we'll be pleased even if people buy other people's CDs.' His quick-witted partner Cheng chimed in: 'How about if you buy a Fama CD and I throw in a Hins Cheung-hin CD for free?'

Incidentally, the duo's first big gigs will now be on August 2 and 3 at Star Hall.