Don't stop, but try a new tack

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 13 July, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 13 July, 2008, 12:00am

Has Rihanna really gone bad? In fact, has she changed at all?

Not many people can achieve as much as Rihanna has in the last four years. With a Grammy and 10 top 40 hits to boast of, it's safe to assume the young Barbadian is here to stay.

The singer's name is yet to appear on any of the writing credits. Whether this a reflection of her ability or simply the lack of control Rihanna has in her record deal remains unclear. Whatever the answer, the formula seems to be working for now.

Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded includes three brand new stompers that have the potential to be as big as Rihanna's previously released hits. The sweet sincerity of the keyboard in Take a Bow, fused with Rihanna's bubbly personality, transforms an incredibly average song into a hit that some artists wait their whole careers to achieve.

If I Never See Your Face Again with Maroon 5 is an unexpected collaboration. It's not a great song, but proves what you can get away with if you're popular.

The other songs have been on constant replay since the album was first released: Don't Stop the Music, Shut Up and Drive and Umbrella are as catchy as ever.

Perhaps on her next album, Rihanna should surprise us with something new. Right now, she's giving only what she's been told to give, but it's obvious she has the potential for so much more.