Views from the queue

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 16 July, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 16 July, 2008, 12:00am

Wu Man-har, 58, queued for 17 hours in To Kwa Wan with friend Ng Fong-yee, 62, whom she met when doing morning exercise together

'We are happy but in extreme agony after the long queuing process.'

Lee Chun-wing, 66, retired, suffering from diabetes, kidney problems and heart disease, started queuing at 10am yesterday in To Kwa Wan

'It's not good to sleep too much so I came to queue.'

Cass Koo, 26, queued for six hours in To Kwa Wan

'I am already very glad that I don't have to queue for 48 hours.'

Wu Sum-yin, 60, waited four hours in To Kwa Wan

'The arrangement is really messy and I don't know why I have been here torturing myself for so many hours.'

Louisa Poon, 40, first in the queue at Bank of China, Central

'I am not going to sell the commemorative banknotes. I cannot feel happier than having an uncut sheet of 35 notes.'

Kenneth Chan, 16, queued with Form Four classmate Ken Yip, 17

'We are pretty disappointed that the bank gave us the coupon early. We expected to camp out for at least one night.'

Zhang Shuzhen, 40, from Changchun

'I came with my sister from Changchun. We will not return to the mainland until we have the banknotes in our hands. This is the only chance in 100 years.'

Ariel Cheung, eight

'I feel tired and bored. The bank should let me buy them more easily. It was a waste of my time and effort lining up for so long.'

Fung Wing-ngai, 40, queued with his son, Fung Yuk-hei, five

'I do not care whether the bank has made an announcement about people under 11 not being able to queue or not. The point is, the message did not reach us.'