Lion City's latest anti-HK volley is in Singlish, awmost English-lah. Eskew me?

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 19 July, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 19 July, 2008, 12:00am

Singaporeans and Hongkongers don't often see eye to eye; we might even secretly - or not so secretly - despise each other. But let's face it, we have been far more civil towards one another than most of our neighbours have been among themselves.

Mainlanders like to lob missiles into waters near Taiwan when the island's politicians say obnoxious things about the great motherland; likewise with North Koreans over Japan. India and Pakistan like to go eyeball to eyeball with thermonuclear weapons just to prove their manhood. I think Viagra is a much cheaper option.

Our two cities, however, are much more civilised even when we have a go at each other. We trade insults in weblogs and in newspaper columns. Myriad clips on YouTube try to spin one or the other as being superior.

The latest effort comes courtesy of Katie Oh (pictured) and Taz the Raz, two Singaporean amateur musicians - or at least I hope they have day jobs. The four-minute-plus video purports to strike one for the Lion City, but it might have inadvertently verged towards self-parody. It has to be seen to believed. Search for 'Singapore vs Hong Kong' on YouTube. And here's the classic lyric:

Singapore is a better place than Hong Kong is.

We so stylo, they jus' vile-o

We speak Singlish, awmost English-lah.

Singapore is a smarter place than Hong Kong is

We got quaysides, they just got a smelly dock

We so global, they jus' local

We so wham bam, they so ayam

Eskew me? Why you look at me lidat?