Nelsson driven to noble deed

PUBLISHED : Monday, 28 February, 1994, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 28 February, 1994, 12:00am

THERE comes a point in every man's life when he is called upon to perform a noble deed. Certain eastern religions define it as ''doing merit'' - with rewards totted up and collected at some future date in, hopefully, heaven.

Such a moment came to the increasingly Maharishi-like concert promoter Anders Nelsson when he was at Kai Tak awaiting the arrival of pop legend Bob Dylan.

As stipulated in Dylan's contract - which had arrived a few days earlier with a listing of the things the great man would and wouldn't do which was as thick as the Hong Kong telephone directory - a stretch limousine and a coach had been made available sohe could choose how he desired to be whisked to his hotel.

Enter Dylan, who looked first at the limo and then the coach before his indecisive eyes loitered towards Nelsson's impressive-looking black Range Rover parked nearby. Dylan gestured with his head (showbiz deities, you must understand, avoid the use of speech as much as possible) and his bodyguard, ''Big'' Jim Callaghan, gruffly inquired whose vehicle that was.

Nelsson stepped forward rather meekly and declared his ownership, whereupon, beckoned by Big Jim (who, after depositing Dylan safely at his Los Angeles home sometime today, will then catch a flight across to London where he will next be providing protection to Mick Jagger on the forthcoming Rolling Stones tour), Dylan, his wordly goods contained in a plastic shopping bag, walked towards the vehicle and got in - with the driver getting turfed out and Nelsson himself taking over as chauffeur.

Said Nelsson: ''I was quite emotional about having Dylan in my car. In fact, my hands and knees were trembling as I sat behind the wheel.'' Fortunately, the vehicle is fully automatic, which meant Dylan did arrive at his hotel in one piece.