Bad boy's superhero bash filled with nemeses in dark Saturday night fever

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 26 August, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 26 August, 2008, 12:00am

They might have looked like Superman on Saturday night, but when most of the revellers woke up on Sunday morning, we're quite sure they felt more like Will Smith as Hancock. For his 41st birthday, Dragon-i founder and self-styled bad boy Gilbert Yeung Kei-lung decided on a superhero theme for his bash. As a result, the town's models, clubbers and socialites all arrived looking like characters from comic books and summer blockbusters. In addition to numerous Batmen and Wonder Women, one muscle-bound dude painted himself green as the Incredible Hulk. But the more timid simply showed up in 1970s attire in line with Yeung's choice of disco tunes and old-school soul. Given his reputation, it's not surprising Yeung saw himself less as a hero than a villain. The Emperor Group's heir arrived as the Joker in the mould of Heath Ledger, with white makeup and runny eyeshadow. Although he was laughing on the outside, this clown was actually slightly sad as his grandmother was in hospital and couldn't be there. Meanwhile, his father Albert Yeung Sau-shing was still in Beijing for the Olympics.

The one concern of club manager Jackson Ng of the night was that since Dragon-i's patio space was declared public space, they would be inundated by party crashers and paparazzi. Ng even gave staff advance warning that he wanted 'no trouble' so if anyone asked to enter, they wouldn't be stopped. As a result, no ropes were set up, no cordon raised. However, the inside of the club was still out of bounds. Luckily, no troublemakers showed up in Gotham on this dark night.