Game over

PUBLISHED : Friday, 05 September, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 05 September, 2008, 12:00am

My sister is addicted to computer games. I used to be absorbed in the virtual world when I was in Form Four. But I kicked the habit in Form Five.

I realised playing computer games was a huge waste of time. Once you get addicted, it is very hard to quit.

Now, I have discovered my sister spends a lot of time on these games. I think I should help her kick the bad habit.

Sometimes, playing computer games can help us to relax and even improve our concentration.

However, if we spend too much time on it, it will have an adverse affect on our studies as well our health.

Chan Wing-fat

From the Editor

Thank you, Wing-fat, for your insightful letter.

It is very easy to be lured into the virtual world of computer games, where mistakes can be obliterated with a reset button and the words 'Game Over' don't really mean it.

It offers a soft escape from real life which may be boring or too stressful. But it is very easy for games to become an all consuming passion.

It's not all bad, however. Some computer games allow us to learn life skills, and multi-player role-playing games encourage teamwork and interpersonal skills.

Players can often test out behaviour behind the safety of an avatar before they try it out in real life.

Susan, Editor