PUBLISHED : Friday, 12 September, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 12 September, 2008, 12:00am

Success is about not giving up

Too many people think life is unfair. But do they really think about why they do not do well?

I think success comes to people who don't give up, whatever the problems are.

There's no point trying to avoid problems. They won't go away. Successful people solve problems, and learn through the process of doing so. They are not afraid of failure.

I think people are afraid of failure because they lack trust in themselves. But if we don't try, we will never know if we can succeed.

When a chance comes our way, we should take it and do our best.

Christy Lee

Believe in yourself and be happy

Each of us has our own beauty, talents and strengths, but some of us do not treasure what we have, and the media does not make it any easier.

Advertisements give wrong messages, such as slim is beautiful or brand names mean status or power.

I don't think we should allow such ideas to affect us.

Trust in ourselves comes from knowing our inner value, and our inner value is far more important than how we look.

When we help people we feel happy. It's something money cannot buy. Focus on being a good person and don't worry about trends.

Esther Lui, Methodist College

Don't waste money on costly items

More and more students are using brand-name bags.

I think it is fine for adults who have a job and enough income to buy brand-name bags.

In Hong Kong, where money is seen as very important, having things that cost a lot may make you look good. But this is not the case for students.

I don't think students should waste their parents' money on brand-name products.

Even with a part-time job, most students will not have enough money to buy such things.

Even if they had enough, it would be a waste of money.

Chan Sau-ting, STFA Tam Pak Yu College

Many fun ways to learn English

Many people say the English standards of Hong Kong students are low. Some students say it is because they don't have good ways to learn English. I do not agree.

For a start, we have English TV shows. When we turn on the TV we can choose an English channel so we can make our listening skills better.

For those who think watching English news is boring, they can choose other English shows or even cartoons.

Playing the English versions of computer games is another good way to learn English.

When it comes to speaking, we can try with our friends. There's no need to be shy or be afraid of making mistakes.

Don't be upset if someone laughs at you. At least you are doing something for a better future.

Leung Hoi-yan SKH Li Fook Hing Secondary School

Let's not forget the old ways

Mooncakes have always played an important role in the Mid-Autumn Festival.

I feel sad mooncakes we used to eat are being replaced by modern ones.

Mid-Autumn Festival is also a time for us to light paper lanterns, and I feel sad now they have electric ones.

If we continue like this, all our customs will be gone, and children will not know the real joys of Mid-Autumn Festival.

Chong Yuen-ying, Our Lady of The Rosary College

Limit your time on video games

Many students spend a lot of time playing video games. They spend less time on their homework and with their parents.

I think they should set a limit on the time they play. For example, they can limit themselves to one hour a day. Then they can spend more time on schoolwork and with their parents.

Chong Siu-hung