Hollywood West

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 13 September, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 13 September, 2008, 12:00am

So now that Britney Spears has officially redeemed herself and resurrected her career, winning all those awards and acclaim at last week's MTV awards, the folks at the tabloids are not having fun anymore. It doesn't help either that other scandal magnets, like Lindsay Lohan, for example, have remained under the radar as well lately, showing up occasionally with her best friend (and maybe more?) Samantha Ronson, but otherwise avoiding the limelight.

What's a gossip junkie to do?

But wait - all is not lost. Instead of the clutch of Hollywood flakes we have grown to love/hate, it would appear that these days, girls from across the pond are getting into more trouble than the California types.

British 'It' girls such as Sienna Miller, Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse are rapidly gaining reputations as being mouthy, in-your-face, occasionally adulterous (we're looking at you, Sienna), leaving the likes of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian looking like convent school alums.

Miller, whose once-promising career has mostly crashed and burned, is far better known for her choice of men than her choice of movie roles.

She first became famous for being the wronged woman when she was seeing British actor Jude Law, when it was revealed that Law had cheated on her with his nanny. The ensuing scandal led to a broken engagement and no end of drama.

Now, Miller is back in the news because she's the one doing the wronging, apparently. She's said to be in a hot-and-heavy romance with actor Balthazar Getty, most known these days for his recurring part as a brooding sibling in the hit TV series, Brothers and Sisters.

But not only is Getty one of the Gettys (his grandfather was gazillionaire J.P. Getty), he's also a married father of four, who seems to be chucking it all in because he's succumbed to the charms of Miller.

The duo were caught cuddling and kissing over the summer, while Miller happened to be topless and Getty continued to insist that they were 'just friends' and everything was fine and dandy with his marriage.

Fast forward a few weeks, and he and his wife have separated, and he's been seen out in the open with Miller, who has so incensed the sensibilities of the public as a result of her wooing that someone scrawled 'slut' on the front of her London home. Even during a recent sighting at Los Angeles airport, the paps - hardly models of civility themselves - loudly called her a 'home-wrecker'.

So Miller might be off allegedly ruining families, but at least she's not smacking people in the face. British songstress Allen might be a bright shining light in the music world, but suffice it to say the girl obviously has issues.

Allen emerged from a nightclub in London a few weeks ago, found herself at the receiving end of a female heckler, and instead of ignoring it and going home for a cuppa, decided to smack the woman in the face.

After several punches, Allen was pulled off the woman, shoved back into her car, and sent home. This wasn't the first time either that Allen has indulged in a bit of fisticuffs. She kicked a photographer last year. Charming girl. But it gets worse; at the GQ Men of the Year awards in London a couple of weeks ago, Allen chose to get into it not with some lowly serf, but with the almighty Elton John, no less.

The duo were presenting an award to Tony Bennett together, and Allen was visibly inebriated, leading John to ask, jokingly, if Allen was going to keep drinking. She let rip, throwing naughty four-letter words his way.

He might have been great at deflecting ('I can still snort you under the table,' he retaliated). But no matter, Allen was out of her league, turning what could have been some innocent joshing into all-out vitriol.

Wonder if she'll be invited back next year.

And as far as the girl Brits are concerned, the hits just keep on coming. The super-talented Amy Winehouse, who made everyone want to sing about rehab with her hit song of that name, has been filmed snorting coke (maybe in a contest with Elton John?), getting into scuffles, smoking up a storm.

She's deeply troubled, probably on the verge of a major breakdown, and was just booed off the stage at the Bestival music festival on the Isle of Wight.

The reason? Winehouse showed up 40 minutes late to start her set.

It just goes to show that the rich and famous young things who populate celebrity culture can punch people, steal husbands and take copious amounts of addictive drugs. But keep an audience waiting?

Honey, then all bets are off.