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PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 23 September, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 23 September, 2008, 12:00am

This week Sports help to keep you healthy, and reading articles about sports can improve your English skills

Taking part in a quiz can be a fun way of practising your English. Take a look at this sports quiz. All the answers are there, but unfortunately the wrong answer has been given for each question. Can you sort out the correct answers? Even if you don't know much about sports, there are language clues to help you. When you have sorted out these questions and answers, come up with your own sports quiz and try to do it with some friends.

1. What sport is played with a ball that weighs 2.7 grams and measures 40 millimetres in diameter?

a. cycling

2. Which club did footballer David Beckham join on July 1, 2007?

b. Tiger Woods

3. What is the name of Manchester United's home ground?

c. LA Galaxy

4. In which sport would you use a pommel horse?

d. table tennis

5. In which sport would you find these playing positions: point guard, shooting guard and power forward?

e. cricket

6. The trophy 'The Ashes' is awarded in which sport?

f. basketball

7. Who is the youngest golfer to win the US Masters?

g. gymnastics

8. The Tour de France is what sort of race?

h. Old Trafford

Look carefully at these interview questions then decide to which sports person they were asked. There are more answers than you need.

golfer, diver, footballer, swimmer, long jumper, tennis player, fencer, windsurfer, skater, javelin thrower

1. Do you think the muddy condition of the pitch affected your play in the second half?

2. You appeared to lose concentration at the fourth hole. What happened?

3. Which do you prefer, the butterfly or the backstroke?

4. Will you have recovered from your injury to be ready for Wimbledon this year?

5. You achieved a record throw at the Asian Games. Do you expect to beat that at the Olympics?

6. You misjudged a jump and fell badly on the ice last month. Have you recovered from your injuries?

7. How does it feel to be the first athlete from Hong Kong to win an Olympic gold medal?

8. Which type of sword do you feel most confident using?

Which sport?

Written communication about sport is often in the form of newspaper or magazine articles. Read these extracts from a sports magazine and then decide what sport the full article was about.

1. 'Sir Alex Ferguson, whose Manchester United beat Chelsea in the Champions League in Moscow, has said that he will leave his post within three years.'

2. 'In the final moments, the brilliant Sam Chan caught a rebound and knocked the ball into the net, giving his team a 35-33 win.'

3. 'There is no greater challenge or thrill for a driver than the white-knuckle ride of the Monaco Grand Prix.'

4. 'His ability to use strength, speed and sharp racquet technique has seen him reach new levels of excellence on clay. He is playing at the top of his form.'

5. 'The champion was welcomed by a roar of approval when he stepped into the ring last night. About 56,000 fans had come to see him and he did not let them down.'

now do this

1. Create your own sports quiz of six questions, making sure you know the answers. Get a second team to come up with a sports quiz as well. Then take each other's quiz.

2. Choose your favourite sports person and then write down six questions you would like to ask him or her.

3. Look at the five magazine extracts in 'Which sport?' again and write a newspaper headline for each event.


Sorting it out: 1. table tennis, 2. LA Galaxy, 3. Old Trafford, 4. gymnastics, 5. basketball, 6. cricket, 7. Tiger Woods, 8. cycling

Interview questions: 1. footballer 2. golfer 3. swimmer 4. tennis player 5. javelin thrower 6. skater 7. windsurfer 8. fencer

What sport? 1. football 2. basketball 3. motor racing 4. tennis 5. boxing