PUBLISHED : Friday, 26 September, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 26 September, 2008, 12:00am

Question 1 Can horses count?

Listen to this podcast about an animal study at a British university. Then look at the statements about what you have heard and write TRUE , FALSE or NOT GIVEN in the space provided.

1. The study was conducted a long time ago _______________

2. Scientists already know that some types of monkey can count as well as human infants _______________

3. Thirty horses were used in the experiments _______________

4. Horses seldom eat apples _______________

5. Real apples were not used in the experiment _______________

6. The apples were placed in closed boxes _______________

7. The test was repeated several times before conclusions were reached _______________

8. The horses were able to count up to 20 apples _______________

9. The horses picked out the container containing the most apples _______________

10. The horses' test results compared favourably to results from infants and monkeys _______________

Question 2 Do it yourself

Tim has just moved into a new flat. He is very good at DIY and has done a lot of the work in the flat himself. Listen to him telling his friend Maggie about all the work he has done.

a) Which six DIY jobs has Tim done in the flat? Choose from the above options.

b) Select the correct word to complete each of these statements.

1. Tim has been in his new apartment (two/three) weeks.

2. The apartment (was/wasn't) new when he moved in.

3. Tim has built some bookcases in the (bedroom/lounge).

4. The tiles in Tim's bathroom are (plain/striped).

5. Tim's TV stand is (antique/trendy).

6. There is space (under/behind) the TV stand for a DVD player.

7. Tim found the design for his bed in a (magazine/shop).

8. Maggie's kitchen needs a (make-over/dish-washer).


Question 1: false / true/ info not given / false / true / false / true / info not given / true / true

Question 2a: A / B / E / F / G / H

Question 2b: two / was / lounge / plain / trendy / under / magazine / make-over


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