Minibond soap opera gets its own theme song

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 27 September, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 27 September, 2008, 12:00am

Canto-pop may be duller than yesterday's dishwater, but a new creative trend proxy to that dominant local music genre has emerged with a heavy dose of gallows humour. The big TVB hit Moonlight Resonance ended last week. Its hit song by veteran songbird Susanna Kwan Kuk-ying is called Don't Want to Hurt You. But since the collapse of US investment house Lehman Brothers, some wit has rewritten it as Do Want to Hurt You.

Since the outbreak of Sars five years ago, people have found stress relief in rewriting lyrics of theme songs to popular TVB soap operas. The recast theme is usually a witty recap of some terrible event happening in Hong Kong.

Hundreds of unsuspecting local investors have been left holding so-called minibonds once worth HK$15.6 billion 'guaranteed' by Lehman. These were, in fact, nothing like normal bonds.

Here goes a partial translation. The Chinese is printed for your amusement if you can read it.

So you like high dividends. Don't think the world's so perfect.

With a firm heart, stick with fixed deposits.

Think they are regulated - really there are no rules or supervision.

Banks seduce you, in bed with Lehman to fool you.

That's the lesson banks have to offer you:

Really, they never want to hurt you.