Past masters

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 05 October, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 05 October, 2008, 12:00am

Bored? PSP broken? Why not go old school and play a board game that's loads of fun and lets you talk to your mates in person instead of on Facebook.

Hong Kong Quizztory is a multiple-choice game that helps you learn about the city's history as you play. All the important people, places and events are featured.

The inventor of the game, Stephen Barry, says anyone can play. 'With Hongkongers increasingly passionate about celebrating their unique history and identity, we hope that Hong Kong Quizztory will give natives, residents and visitors of all ages a fun and memorable way to learn more about this amazing city.'

The inspiration for the game came to Mr Barry at a rather unexpected time and place. He was in hospital for observation as a suspected Sars patient in 2003 and had lots of free time on his hands.

Five years later, after extensive research and development, Hong Kong Quizztory was ready. The game is really easy to play. Like most board games, you roll the dice, take your turn answering and move around the board. First one to the end wins.

The quiz is the fun part. There are two levels of questions covering topics ranging from society, politics, entertainment, sport, geography and history to culture.

One player found the game both interesting and educational. 'I've learnt so much from the game,' said Tina Ng, 14.

'Before I played this board game, I thought I knew everything about Hong Kong. But it turned out that I didn't know a lot of the funny facts and history.

'The game was really challenging. Even when I got the answer right, I had to depend on the luck of dice to win,' she said.

Lucas Hemshall, who has also played, agrees the game is great fun.

'I love the quiz. The multiple choice answers are really funny,' he said.

'My favourite question was about a teapot. It asked how you signal to a waiter that the teapot needs refilling in a local restaurant. The two wrong multiple choices are throw the teapot at the waiter and put a cup on top of the teapot. I laughed so much.'

'The correct answer is to remove the lid,' he said. 'I know what to do the next time I visit a dim sum place.'

The game really can help you learn about the city we all call home.

'I started to remember the answers after playing a few times. It really helped me to learn more about Hong Kong,' Lucas said.

The board features funky, colourful illustrations too.

'The typhoon picture is really funny. I never imagined typhoons were so strong here,' Lucas said.

The game is on sale now. The company plans to let people contribute questions for new quiz cards. Visit the website for more details.

Amaze your mates with historical insights, win your own game in the competition above.

win! win! win!

There are two Hong Kong Quizztory board games up for grabs, just answer this question: When was the Hong Kong handover? E-mail your answer with your name, age and phone number to by October 9