Fimbles' jolly songs a tonic for the financial crisis blues

PUBLISHED : Monday, 06 October, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 06 October, 2008, 12:00am

Ever heard of The Fimbles? Nah, well you're probably not five years old or under. The Fimbles star in their own BBC children's programme that has been available in Hong Kong for the past year on the CBeebies channel, the BBC children's channel on Now Broadband TV.

To boost public awareness of the Fimbles characters and to celebrate the first anniversary of the channel here, the cuddly characters from the show, along with local performers, were out in force last week in Taikoo Place, Quarry Bay, springing out of crowds, surprising onlookers and trying to jolly them into singing along to Fimbles songs.

But this time it was for the adults.

'Because for adults, their lives are full of work and can be quite dull, the Fimbles, with their songs, can bring a bit of colour into their lives,' said Kestal Wong of Madison Communications.

So while office workers scurried around Quarry Bay hoping for a quiet lunchtime bowl of noodles - their thoughts with the financial crisis, school fees and the fact that Kelly Chen Wai-lam's hubby still managed to fork out HK$3 million for their wedding banquet - they were accosted by a 'a dishwasher', a 'photographer' and a 'security' man, among other characters, along with a fluffy Fimble.

Come on, sing along:

Every girl, every boy, come on open up your eyes

There's a world right here, full of wonder and surprise

It doesn't pay, to be so grey, 'cause it's a wonderful world,

And it's a magical world - filled with colour!

Presumably, as long as your shares haven't taken a dive.

To mark the first anniversary until October 20, viewers can watch all the programmes on CBeebies, BBC Knowledge and BBC Lifestyle channels for free.

So, if you missed the Fimbles last week, don't despair. They'll be performing in Stanley some time during this Saturday afternoon and will be frolicking around the restaurants on the waterfront.

Fimbles will sing and pose for photos with you if you can catch them.