Next generation

PUBLISHED : Friday, 10 October, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 10 October, 2008, 12:00am


If trends are anything to go by, the new generation of brands has one common link; to eschew synthetic ingredients in favour of an all-natural approach to skin care.

Fushi is a British brand whose products stretch beyond those for the outer body. Calling itself a lifestyle brand which offers products for health as well as beauty, some of its offerings include herbal drinks (HK$99) formulated with Western and Eastern remedies to tackle complaints such as stress, lack of sleep and lack of energy; and herbal tinctures (HK$389) designed to heal from within and said to be particularly effective for the immune, circulatory, digestive and skeletal systems. Other lines include antioxidant bath oils (HK$299), as well as oils for body, hands and feet which double up as moisturiser and massage solutions (HK$289).

Created by Laurent Baussan, the son of L'Occitane's founder, La Claree puts the olive at the centre of its product line, favoured for the properties of olive leaf extract which protect against free radicals and pollution. The face and body range, which includes the Gentle Facial Cleansing milk (HK$169), Soothing Facial Moisturising Mist (HK$195), and a Gentle Body scrub (HK$239), uses EcoCert certified organic ingredients and are free of petrochemicals, parabens and other synthetic ingredients.

Australian brand Mukti came about after its founder became frustrated at the lack of skin care products that met her strict criteria for clean and green certified organic products. The line includes body, face and hair care items made from organic raw ingredients chosen for their ability to work in synergy with the skin. They include the Floral Hydrating Mist Toner (HK$249), a heady mix of rose hydrosol, rose oil, lavender and geranium designed to soothe, hydrate and tone the face, while also restoring the skin's natural balance. The Cleansing Lotion (HK$299) is a straightforward blend of macadamia oil and olive oil which as well as cleaning skin of the day's grime, hydrates it, too.