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PUBLISHED : Saturday, 11 October, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 11 October, 2008, 12:00am

They say that if you are in a job that either pays well, but you hate, or a job that pays poorly but you really love, you can consider yourself lucky. But most would agree that the first-case scenario is far worse - working in a job that you hate. However, some people may need to cope with that due to financial concerns, family pressures or simply because the right job has not yet come up. Classified Post asks Hongkongers what their dream jobs are and have they found them yet.

'My current job is not my dream job. It is only a temporary job. I will leave it when my contract runs out in a few months. My dream job is to be an outbound trainer. I will take up an outward bound trainee programme to pursue my career as a trainer.'

Billy Yung Kam-fai, human resources

'I think I have found my dream job as an asset manager. I can learn a lot of practical skills like how to invest the right way from this job. The pay is not bad and there are loads of opportunities. I am still in my 20s and I think I will work in the finance sector for a long time.

Richard Cheung Hiu-fung, asset management

'I have a keen interest in translation and I think of that as my dream job. I do English-to-Chinese translation and vice versa. It gives me a great chance to learn about many different things and many cultures because there is a wide range of topics that I have to translate.

Daisy Wong Cheuk-wing, translation

'I love teaching and it is my dream job. I think it is a great match for my personality because I like to interact with students. When I teach a class, I feel very happy when they are interested in what I am doing. It is very fulfilling for me to see that my students have learned something.

Morgan Wong Pik-lo, education