'The old lady's legs were shaking ... she was too frightened and remained frozen to the pavement'

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 15 October, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 15 October, 2008, 12:00am

Propped up on two walking sticks, an elderly woman stood frozen on the pavement, her legs trembling, as a man wielding a knife ran towards her pursued by three policemen. a witness to yesterday's incident said.

Seconds later, one of the officers shot the man in the hip.

The elderly woman was among a group of four or five people standing outside Hang Yip House on the Cheung Hang Estate in Tsing Yi, said the witness, a middle-aged housewife.

'As the knife-wielding man approached the group, police shouted to passers-by to stay away,' she said.

The others fled but, 'the old lady's legs were shaking. She might have had difficulty in walking or she was too frightened and remained frozen to the pavement', the witness said.

'After the young man ran past her, a policeman arrived and opened fire right beside her. The woman looked very frightened.'

Policemen trained their guns on the man before handcuffing him.

'I was also frightened and my heart was beating fast. I put on my shoes and ran straight into Hang Chi House. I did not dare look back,' said the witness, who had been 7 to 8 metres away. She did not know what happened to the elderly woman.

Apart from the wounded man, there were no other casualties, police said.

Another witness, aged 77 and surnamed Ho, said: 'Police were chasing the man asking him to drop the knife. But he raised a plastic bottle to his mouth and used it as a loudhailer telling them not to get too close. He kept running until police shot him.'