It's a goal!

PUBLISHED : Friday, 17 October, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 17 October, 2008, 12:00am

Mark is a huge football fan. He eats, sleeps and breathes football. Let him tell you a bit about his favourite sport.

Who does what?

1. a referee

2. a referee's assistant

3. a goalkeeper

4. a centre half

5. a midfielder

6. a captain

7. a substitute

8. a manager

9. a centre forward

10. a full back

a) he plays in the middle of the front row of players and his job is to score goals

b) he makes sure that all the players follow the rules. He usually wears a black shirt and shorts and has a whistle

c) he is in charge of the team and is responsible for training and buying new players

d) he can play on either side of the defensive part of the team

e) he stops the ball from crossing the goal line

f) he plays behind the players in the front line

g) he plays in the middle of the defensive part of the team

h) he sits on the bench and comes on to replace a teammate on the pitch

i) he waves a flag to show when a ball has gone out of play or when a player is offside

j) he is the player who leads the team on the pitch

A football who's who

an you unscramble these words to make each sentence make sense.

1. Paul Robinson is a (RPEAGLKOEE) who plays for Blackburn Rovers.

2. Frank Lampard is a (RLDIIEEMFD) who plays for Chelsea.

3. Rio Ferdinand is the (NTAICPA) of Manchester United.

4. Sol Campbell is a (TERCNE FLHA) who plays for Portsmouth.

5. Fernando Torres is a (ENCETR RWOAFRD) who plays for Liverpool.

6. Arsene Wenger is the (AAEMNGR) of Arsenal.

7. Ashley Cole is the (LLUF CABK) in the Chelsea team.

8. Pierluigi Colina is a retired world-famous (EEFREER) from Italy.

Football words

Do you know what the following are?

1. a pitch

a) the stadium where football matches are played

b) the marked piece of ground on which the game of football is played

2. a foul

a) the winning goal of the match

b) committed when one of the rules of the game is broken

3. a booking

a) a game played at a team's home ground

b) a yellow card shown to a player as a warning for breaking a rule

4. injury time

a) when a match is cancelled because of injury

b) extra time added to the end of a match to make up for the delays caused by the treatment of injuries

5. an own goal

a) a goal scored accidentally by a player against his own team

b) a goal scored by the goalkeeper

6. an equaliser

a) a match played against a foreign team

b) a goal that makes the scores of both teams equal

7. a draw

a) the selection of the team before a match

b) a match that ends with both teams having the same number of goals

8. extra time

a) the 15-minute break between the two halves of a match

b) if a match has no winner after 90 minutes, extra time may be played to decide the winner

And finally ...

'Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I don't like that attitude. I can assure them it is much more serious than that.'

Bill Shankly (1913 - 1981) - Manager of Liverpool.


Who does what?: 1b / 2i / 3e / 4g / 5f / 6j / 7h / 8c / 9a / 10d

A football who's who: 1. goalkeeper / 2. midfielder / 3. captain / 4. centre half / 5. centre forward / 6. manager / 7. full back / 8 referee

Football words: 1b / 2b / 3b / 4b / 5a / 6b / 7b / 8b