PUBLISHED : Thursday, 30 October, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 30 October, 2008, 12:00am

Sport is part of a good education

Government resources for Hong Kong youth tend to go into education, not sport.

I think this is a problem and we should do something about it.

Education is, of course, extremely important, but being active and having a healthy body is equally important.

What's more, we can learn a lot through sport that we can't learn from books - not only physical skills, but important things such as communication and team building.

I think that the government should invest more in sport and start recognising the importance of sport in education.

It's time Hong Kong became recognised not only as a great city for business but also for sport.

Lai Ka-tsun, Tak Sun Secondary School

Dealing with difficult times

Recently, the world has gone through a lot of natural disasters and now it's experiencing a financial meltdown.

A lot of people have become bankrupt overnight or have been left deep in debt.

I think we need to do everything we can to help depressed people.

We need to tell them we appreciate them and we care.

We should show them love, and do everything we can to help them find optimism.

Sally Kau Xuanxi, The Chinese Foundation Secondary School

Too much work is a bad thing

I feel like we lack a healthy balance between work and leisure.

Hong Kong is a busy city, and many people work six days a week plus overtime.

In most rich countries, people work five days a week and don't work extra unless they really have to.

Moreover, too many Hongkongers spend their leisure time watching TV or sleeping, wasting time that could be spent having fun with friends and family.

In the west, people have more leisure time and they use it for healthy activities, such as exercise and family picnics. I wish we could do the same in Hong Kong.

Ginny Kan Yu-Hin, Our Lady of the Rosary College

Speaking well is an important skill

Speaking is the way we most frequently communicate with others, but few of us realise it is an art.

The secret of speaking well is to strike a balance between saying too much and saying too little. It's also about knowing when to talk and when to listen.

We don't need to be brilliant speakers like Martin Luther King, but learning to speak well will help us deal with other people and with any problems that come up in life.

Yau Chun-hei, STFA Tam Pak Yu College

Doubts about the SBA system

The purpose of school-based assessment (SBA) is to reduce exam pressure on students. But does it really help?

As a Form Four student, I already feel under pressure from the SBA system. In the past, students were only under real pressure in the lead-up to and during exams, but now the pressure surrounds us all the time.

In English, for example, we have to read books and watch films, write reports on them and take part in group discussions. We are being assessed on all of it. And is it even a fair assessment?

Different schools might have different standards, just as different teachers will look at the performance of their students in different ways.

Frankly I don't like the SBA system and would prefer my grades come only from exams.

Pik-kwan, Christian Alliance S.C. Chan Memorial College

I wish I could live in a foreign country

If I had a chance to grow up in a foreign country, I would probably choose the United States.

I know a lot of Hong Kong teenagers would prefer to stay here because it's what they know, and they're shy about communicating in a foreign language.

But I would prefer to grow up in a foreign country. I think Hong Kong's school environment is too competitive. We're always studying and don't seem to have any time left for a social life.

In the US, schools are casual about the way students dress and they have a lot less homework to do every day.

I want to live in a big house, and have a garden with a swimming pool and have my own bedroom.

I want to be able to drive when I'm 16.

For these reasons, if I could, I would choose to grow up somewhere like the US rather than in Hong Kong. I think I could have a more interesting life with more leisure pursuits.

Sean Pang Sung-lai, Tsuen Wan Public Ho Chuen Yiu Memorial College

Speak up and fight against abuse

I think more should be done to prevent the sexual abuse of students by teachers.

It is the responsibility of teachers to be reliable and trustworthy, but some teachers take advantage of the trust students extend to them.

Clearly any teacher who is found guilty of such actions should be disqualified from the profession and punished.

But we can also help make sure such abuse doesn't take place by better educating our students.

It is important for them to understand they have the power to say no.

If they are taken advantage of, they should realise they can seek help.

Eunice Li, Our Lady of the Rosary College