Rivalries abound - just ask Buddha

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 02 November, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 02 November, 2008, 12:00am

Australians were not just battling their cousins from across the Ditch yesterday, they were also having a go at each other.

The rivalry is especially heated between NSW and Queensland. Leading the battle for Queensland at the Indian Recreation Club was Chris 'Buddha' Handy, who took on Andrew Macintosh, a former Sydneysider and general manager of NAB Banking in Hong Kong.

The cross-border banter of banana-benders versus southern snobs went on for almost as long as the Bledisloe as the two battled it out before the game.

It was friendly fire, and Buddha (pictured, right, with Macintosh), sporting the blue lycra vest under his shirt that he used to wear for Wallabies test matches during his playing days, said: 'It's all about the famous trans-Tasman rivalry. The Bledisloe Cup is the most traditional form of that. Now it's found its way to Hong Kong.

'A test match in Asia shows rugby is alive and kicking in this part of the world and will grow fast. The environment is infectious and the missing links are Asia and North America.'

'Like the NAB in Asia, rugby's tentacles were spreading everywhere', he added. Macintosh, along with managers from the retail, corporate and business development arms of NAB's Hong Kong operation, treated about 80 guests, including Buddha (pictured with Macintosh), to the game yesterday.