Mastering the art of managing the women around you

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 05 November, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 05 November, 2008, 12:00am

Perhaps Joseph Lau Luen-hung could learn a thing or two about romantic management from casino king Stanley Ho Hung-sun: just admit all and play it cool. After all, the gambling king has managed four wives for years, even managing to see each on his birthday.

The city's tabloids have been in a frenzy over speculation that the chairman of Chinese Estates Holdings fathered a daughter with his 28-year-old assistant, a former entertainment reporter with Apple Daily, on October 24.

Such was the interest in the alleged love triangle that Yvonne Lui Lai-kwan (pictured with Lau and who bore him a daughter in 2002) issued an open letter on Friday saying 'the maligning, baseless speculations and continuous, schematic attacks through newspaper exposure by someone' had 'put tremendous strain' on her family. She did not identify the new baby's father.

But on Saturday, Ho casually quoted Lau as saying the baby girl was his. To that, Lau responded in Eastweek, published yesterday, remaining elusive. 'He did congratulate me but I didn't say whether the child was mine or not. That's why I'm a bit puzzled ... I think maybe he likes to joke and has a good sense of humour,' Lau said. 'He especially likes to kid around with the reporters. It doesn't matter, I think he was only joking.'

Asked by Eastweek if he had stopped Lui's credit card, Lau said: 'As a man, if you were me, would you do the same?'

The Post yesterday cheekily asked casino billionaire Ho if he had taught Lau how to manage his women. Ho quipped that he hadn't: 'He is smarter than me.'