Fun way to sharpen ball skills

PUBLISHED : Monday, 10 November, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 10 November, 2008, 12:00am

'Sport for all' helps players to improve strength and reflexes

If you want to release your anger or stress, dodgeball could be the sport for you. Most local teenagers may not be familiar with dodgeball.

It is a team sport that is popular in schools in Japan, Taiwan and the United States.

Rules can vary in different countries and leagues. Basically, players try to avoid being hit by a ball thrown by members of the opposing team.

The receivers try to catch the ball, then go on the attack.

If a player is hit by the ball, he is eliminated.

He can only get back onto the court if he can hit an opponent with the ball.

Each team usually has six players. A match consists of a number of games. Each game usually lasts five minutes.

The team who hit all their opponents wins the match.

When time's up, the team who have more players in the inner zone are the winners.

'Dodgeball is popular in Japan and Taiwan. The sport is in their physical education curriculum,' said Chiu Wai-kae, chairman of the Hong Kong Dodgeball Association.

Mr Chiu said dodgeball was still new to many schools in Hong Kong. He would like to promote the sport among local students.

'Dodgeball is fun. Compared to other ball games, dodgeball does not need a lot of space or equipment. Students just need a ball and a playground,' he said.

According to Mr Chiu, the sport can improve a player's basic skills.

'By throwing the ball, players can boost their strength. And when they dodge the ball, their reflexes become better. These are the fundamental skills for all kinds of ball games,' Mr Chiu said.

Over the past year, Lui Ming Choi Lutheran College came third and fifth in dodgeball competitions in Taiwan.

Form Four student Chow Ying-tung took part in both events.

'I was so excited to come third in the competition. The teams in Taiwan were very powerful,' she said.

Ying-tung took up dodgeball in Primary Five.

'It's a really good exercise to train my reactions. It gives me great satisfaction every time I dodge the ball,' Ying-tung said.

But her teammate, Chan Lai-ting, prefers to hit the opponents with the ball.

'One of the best things about dodgeball is that I am allowed to hit people with the ball. It's a good way to release pressure,' said the Form Two student.