Yes, you can do it ... you can be an artist if you want

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 13 November, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 13 November, 2008, 12:00am

Seven years ago, Betty Cheung Yee-wan quit her high-paid architect job to follow her heart, starting an art jam studio at 123 Wellington Street. The effort has proven successful as Cheung celebrated on Tuesday night with an anniversary and post-renovation party. Twelve large canvases were placed around for guests to roll up their sleeves and paint at will, something the studio has encouraged anyone and everyone to do.

'Everyone is drawing at the same time so they feel less intimidated and more relaxed,' Cheung noted. '[Art jamming] is more about the instinctual, having fun and liberating yourself. I believe everyone can draw, but I think people just worry too much and assume they have to learn about art first, but you really don't.'

In fact, most of Cheung's clients are professionals like lawyers, accountants and bankers. 'Many of them told me they didn't know how to draw. Then they say to me, 'I actually hung up my painting at home and some friends came over and asked me where I bought it and how much I paid'.'

On this night, everyone was extra creative as spiked punch was served, but most of the time Cheung admitted people don't need special spirits for inspiration. 'Even if people don't walk in the door smiling, they walk out the door smiling. That's the part I absolutely love, seeing that, 'Oh my god, I can do it' look on people. You can't beat it.'