Canine cruelty

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 16 November, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 16 November, 2008, 12:00am

Dogs crammed into handbags, trussed up in pushchairs and stuffed up their owners' sweaters - you see it all the time.

If by chance you were near the restaurant now at the south end of Quarry Bay Park recently, you may well have encountered the bizarre sight of dozens of dogs being treated in all manner of undignified ways.

They sat mutely on their owners' laps, wilting under blankets. Not one of them was running around as dogs are supposed to. Some were even wearing co-ordinating outfits and jewelled collars. Why would you dress a dog up? They have their own clothes, provided by nature. Note to owners: it's called fur.

Dogs shouldn't be treated as fashion accessories, they are meant to run freely, chase after balls, trudge mud - and worse - into your home, and, if you're very lucky, become loyal companions. They need food, exercise, training and affection, the odd visit to the vet and a bit of essential grooming.

They do not need to be blow-dried, primped, perfumed and popped into a Gucci tote as you shop. They do not need to be stuffed into baby strollers.

Granted, the pooches would probably get trampled or killed by rat poison if they actually roamed Hong Kong's streets. So, why have them in the city? It's cruel and irresponsible of owners and undignified for the pets. A dog's for life, not for your lifestyle.