Green machine that could grow on you - a bamboo laptop

PUBLISHED : Friday, 21 November, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 21 November, 2008, 12:00am

Taiwanese computer company Asus wants to put the 'eco' in 'e-com'. At the Langham Place Hotel on Wednesday, it introduced the first laptop to be made with bamboo. Well, at least its exterior.

'We chose bamboo because our company is very aware of environmental issues,' Asus Technology managing director Hektor Tung Shyh-lin said. 'Unlike the usual metal or plastic used to make the cover, bamboo is organic material and it can be regrown within six weeks.'

The company said the wood could withstand immense pressure and possessed a uniquely oriental, peaceful vibe, presumably leaving those connected to their e-mail 24 hours a day less knackered. 'Some people may get more stressed the longer they use a notebook [laptop], but with this one, it doesn't feel like that. It's very relaxed.'

Unfortunately, only 500 were made, with 20 allotted to Hongkongers - and all of them have been pre-sold. 'It takes us only a few minutes to make one ... but with this one, it needs at least an hour. We see it as a starting point and we probably will be able to make more available for the mass public in the future.'

Another nice green touch was that Asus didn't create a tonne of wasteful paper press releases. All the info was offered electronically.