Clean lines

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 23 November, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 23 November, 2008, 12:00am

Given how much time is spent in them, it's surprising how neglected bathrooms are, design-wise. Most people are more concerned with their living spaces and bedrooms than with what goes on in the bathroom; as long as the tiles match and the toilet flushes.

But, thanks to a number of international designers, bathrooms are beginning to take on a design personality of their own.

Take, for example, the work of Spanish designer Jaime Hayon (, whose iconic AQ bathtub (HK$100,000 from Lane Crawford Home Store) looks like a coffee table, with its slender, curved legs and smooth polished wood surface. There is a sleek tap, hooked onto the side like an afterthought.

If you're tired of white - and who isn't? - a tiny Italian company called W.O.W. (WhyOnlyWhite) can help you. The company makes shower head panels that could have been made by Pucci; elaborately coloured featuring stripes, hearts and flowers in eye-searing shades. Enquiries about international orders can be sent to

Follo, by British designer Will MacCormac (, is a long, rectangular sink that looks like a series of slats, curved to let the water drain. It's perfect beneath multiple taps - as in a restaurant or bathroom with more than one sink. For more information, write to info@

Slide is a modern interpretation of a faucet by Belgian company RVB ( It has a tiny dial that can be slid up and down to adjust the heat of the water. Contact for details.

Swedish design house Thoms & Nilsson ( makes sinks and taps designed to look as though they are levitating (below). Its latest, the HFO3 sink, is shaped like a birdbath with a discreet grooved pipe that hooks up to the wall. The company ships internationally.

British design house Us Together ( has a stunning collection called Ebb. Made of natural white stone, its lines are simple and dramatic.

From British behemoth Grohe ( comes designer Paul Flowers' digitally controlled shower head. It looks like a futuristic wall phone. It boasts touch pads to adjust the temperature and the pressure of the flow. The Hong Kong agent is Grohe Pacific (tel: 2806 0611;