PUBLISHED : Sunday, 30 November, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 30 November, 2008, 12:00am

There was a time when a large LCD monitor would set you back a few thousand dollars, but how times have changed.

If you are still hesitating as to whether to upgrade your 15-inch LCD to a larger one, you've just run out of excuses. AOC's new F19, a 19-inch LCD, is now available for a groundbreaking HK$999.

For less than HK$1,000, you now get a widescreen (16:9) LCD with a maximum contrast radio of 10,000:1 and a quick response time of 5 milliseconds.

Included ports include a HDMI digital input slot as well as the traditional analogue slot.

If these attractive features still haven't convinced you, the F19's sleek and utilitarian design should.

The main display area is surrounded by a black frame that also serves as the stand for the unit. A neat little rotatable leg on the bottom helps the F19 stand up, very similar to most table-top photo frames.

And at only 8cm thick, the unit won't take much space at all.

The only problem is that the F19 appears to be designed only for table-top use without an option for a stand. This means it angles upwards. And while its viewable angles are quite impressive, at 170 degrees horizontal and 160 degrees vertical, it still means you'll either be staring down at the screen, or looking at the screen off-angle if it is sitting on a table.

Then again, the F19 offers a compelling home solution for one of the new netbooks, like an EeePC, for a ludicrously affordable price.

Pros: under HK$1,000, nice design, optimal space usage, both digital and analogue input slots

Cons: no hanging or stand option

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